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Company Profile

Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd is a state-owned enterprise in Xiamen City. Founded in December 1980, after more than 30 years of innovation and transformation, the company has developed into a large industrial investment enterprise group with a registered capital of 6.55 billion Yuan, an annual operating income of over 280 billion Yuan and total assets of more than 250 billion Yuan, ranking 277th among the Global Fortune 500 companies in 2019, 71th among the top 500 Chinese companies and 39th among the top 500 Chinese service companies.

From now on, our Corporation will expand the investment to existing core businesses, properly increase the investment to current emerging industries, actively carry out the capital operation on other invested enterprises, and try to invest in some new fields. Moreover, we will combine traditional industry project with high-tech projects, industrial investment with strategic investment and risk investment, and independent investment operation with joint-venture cooperation, so as to urge the formation and upgrade of the core competitiveness in key fields, realize the big increase of investment gain and the appreciation of core business brands, and promote the stable development of our Corporation.

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